About Me

My name is Brandt Zipp. I am a partner in Crocker Farm, Inc., the world’s leading auction house specializing in antique American utilitarian ceramics. We have established numerous world auction records over the years, including the highest auction price for a piece of stoneware by Thomas Commeraw, as well as the highest for a vessel by the enslaved African-American potter, Dave. But the work I am most proud of is our successful research into the lives of artisans who have been lost to history. Some of the most celebrated work of American stoneware and earthenware potters is now routinely attributed to specific men or, in some cases, is newly recognized as valuable or historically important, because of our research and writings.

I am a 1999 graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where I was a decorated writer. Thomas Commeraw’s story is, in my opinion, the most significant written work I have undertaken, and I hope, when all is said and done, to have helped establish him as an important American historical figure–a recognition he so justly deserves.

Some notable articles and lectures by me:
James Miller: Lost Potter of Alexandria, Virginia

Ceramics in America 2004

Washington, D.C. Stoneware

Antiques and Fine Art Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2010

Manhattan Stoneware: 1795-1820

Gunn Historical Museum, Washington, CT, 2012

Inferior to None: The Remmeys, First Family of American Stoneware

Crocker Farm / Gorsuch Barn, Sparks, MD, 2013

Excellent Ware: The Harrisburg Stoneware Potters and Their Contemporaries

Historical Society of Dauphin County, Harrisburg, PA, 2013

An African-American Potter in Federal New York

“Dish Camp” / Ceramics Symposium at Historic Eastfield Village, East Nassau, NY, 2013

“Stone Ware, at South River Bridge”: The Stoneware Potters of Old Bridge, New Jersey, and Related Wares

“Dish Camp” / Ceramics Symposium at Historic Eastfield Village, East Nassau, NY, 2016

A Century of Stoneware on the Island of Manhattan

New York State Museum, Albany, NY, 2017

Thomas W. Commeraw: Free African-American Stoneware Potter of Federal New York

American Ceramic Circle Symposium, Old Salem / Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, Winston-Salem, NC, 2019